NaNoWriMo 2020

Bella &the Wych Elm is a southern noir fantasy and Sapphic love story centered around the cold case of Bella in the Witch Elm. The Wych Elm started as a short story but when I hit 25k with no signs of stopping (without a weird rushed ending) I realized it would make a fantastic, true standalone novel in the world I’ve built for the Danziger Forgeries.

Bella & the Wych Elm

After burning out in Port Lucent, criminal psychologist Frankie leaves the big city for her small hometown. While researching Sheldon’s only cold case–a century-old murder with its own graffiti writing ghost–she discovers within the branches of the Wych Elm dark family secrets, a deep forest legacy, and the weathered skeleton of her first love.

Bella & the Wych Elm is a southern noir fantasy about love, sacrifice, and resurrection. Because too many mysteries start with a murdered girl and Bella refuses to stay in the Wych Elm forever.