NaNoWriMo 2021

The Great Squirrel Revival & Other Fearsome Tales

The Mississippi Squirrel Revival meets Necromancy

For NaNoWriMo 2021 I won’t be focusing on wordcount or even a single project. As there are (mostly) five weeks in December, I will be tackling one short story (or flash fiction) a week. First up is the Great Squirrel Revival, a humorous short inspired by an old favorite song,* in which a young necromancer in training forces the congregation of the Second Self Righteous Church to grapple with questions of animism and the nature of the soul when they resurrect a beloved family pet.

I have not yet decided what my second project will be but when I do I will update here. I will also add cool extras as they come available like Pinterest boards and playlists. happy nano-ing!

*I’ve been told that it says a lot about me that as a child I absolutely got all the jokes in this song and met each reveal with chortles of glee. What can I say, kid-CG was definitely on track to study sociology and religion in the US.