Reckoning 7

“[O]ne of those speculative fiction magazines that I get genuinely excited to read because the kind of stories they publish are always some concept or execution I’ve never seen before.”
—Alex Brown, reviewer for

Reckoning 7, edited by Octavia Cade, Priya Chand, and Tim Fab-Eme, focuses on oceans and the global water cycle.

Reckoning 7 cover art by Elsie Andrewes. Lavender, pink, orange and gold sunset with wave and ship line art
Reckoning 7 cover art by Elsie Andrewes.

I am over the moon and sea to be included in this year’s issue of Reckoning Magazine. My eco-justice short story, “A Predatory Transcience” is very near and dear to my heart. Set in the beautiful marsh of South Carolina’s Folly Island, the traditional land of the Kusso People, Transcience features omnivorous sharks and a plus-sized anti-hero.

Reckoning Magazine is available in ebook form with Weightless Books and Amazon. You can pre-order the print version (out this summer) [HERE].