The Danziger Forgeries

C.G. Aubrey casts epic fantasy into southern mystery and lowcountry shadow with the Lily of Graces: Book One of the Danziger Forgeries.

A simple forgery becomes a quest to save the last city in the world and solve her sister’s murder when autistic enchanter Colleen Danziger is hired by a crooked knight to copy the Lily of Graces, Port Lucent’s holiest (and now mysteriously missing) artifact.

The Lily of Graces: Book One of the Danziger Forgeries

After her sister was murdered, Colleen Danziger lost nearly everything pursuing answers she never found. Now, Cole’s not so much haunted by the ghosts of her past as determined to ignore them; she hasn’t been home in years. She’s made a life for herself as the Forger, an unsanctioned enchanter in a city where the Church persecutes rogue magic. Cole’s written off Maggie’s death as a tuft-hunter’s messy end; if she still grieves, it’s as much for the home and family she left behind as for her sister.

When Eli St. John steals—and immediately loses—the Lily of Graces, he knows the Forger is his only hope. The artifact has watched over the city of Port Lucent for two hundred years, its enchantments all that stand against Forest encroachment. He expects to pay dearly for the Forger’s aid, but he isn’t expecting her to be the woman who hunted him for years. The sister of his murdered fiancée.

In their quest to save the city, Cole and Eli will uncover dark family secrets, a two-hundred-year-old political conspiracy, and the long-shrouded truth about Maggie Danziger’s death.